A Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Dr. Rong Li’s lab at Johns Hopkins Cell Biology department, with a PhD from the UPMC Paris University Life Compleixities doctoral school. Prior to that, Stowers Institute for Medical Research PhD researcher on aneuploidy, cell motility and LUCA genome reconstruction, as well as visiting scholar in Dr. Borune’s lab at UCSD working on tools for better drug off-target effects prediction. I am an Ecole Polytechnique engineer and an EPF Lausanne MSc in Life Sciences. My works implies writing lots of code, contributing to publications and presentations. I also tweet at and ask/answer questions as @andrei_chiffa on Twitter or on Quora. You can find my pro CV on LinkedIn. Finally, if you are looking to send me a secure mail, my PGP fingerprint is D7D4AC64 and can be found on MIT PGP keyserver

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