Installing TitanDB on a personal machine

Just to play around.

Step1: Install HBase:


configuration variables:

hbase.rootdir = /opt/hadoop_hb/hbase = /opt/hadoop_hb/zookeeper

putting it to the /opt/ file allows other users (such as specific database-attributed users) to access the necessary files without having to mix up with my /usr/ directory files.

Attention: since /opt/ belongs to root don’t forget to

sudo mkdir /opt/hadoop_hb
sudo chown <your_username> /opt/hadoop_hb

if you want to play with hbase from it’s shell

Attention: if youy are using Ubuntu, you will need to modify machine loopback, so that /etc/hosts look like: localhost your_machine_name

Now you can start the hbase by typing


and check if it is running by typing  in your browser


(unless you’ve changed the default port h base connects itself to)

Step2: Install Elasticsearch:

For this download the elasticsearch.deb package from ElasticSearch official download website and run

sudo dpckg -i elasticsearch.deb

This will install the elasticsearch on your machine and add it to services launched from the start. Now you can check if it is working by typing in your browser (unless you’ve changed the default ports):


Step3: Install TitanDB:

Once the HBase have been installed, download the TitanDB-Hbase .tar.gz and upack it into your directory of choice. once you’ve done with it, you can connect to it via gremling by typing

 gremlin> g ='bin/hbase-es.local')

to start it as a part of the embedded rexter server, configure type:

./bin/ config/titan-server-rexster.xml bin/hbase-es.local

Now you can check that the server is up and running by typing in your browser


You’re done!

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